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Joint Venture of DSIIDC, An undertaking of Delhi Govt. & TCIL, A Govt. of India Enterprise Under Ministry of Communications & Information Technology

CCNA Training

As a registered and pioneering training company of tri-city TCIL-IT Chandigarh promises imparting the students and professionals with best module training in CCNA domain.

Our faculty helps you maximize your time investment so that new horizons come up every now and then. CCNA is a popular and highly discussed technique in field of electronics. Our faculty grabs extensive experience in this field and covers different topics like –

• Real time network exposure
• Internet protocol versions
• CISCO wireless technologies
• Network Security
• Implementing Virtual LANs
• IP routing
• Configuration of CISCO switches
• Basic of networking tools and technology

We are leading in imparting training courses to our students as well as to professionals during onsite training. We are hired by the companies to visit and provide training programs to their professionals. We not just focus on theory, but provide the students with real life situations. We have a lab which can be used by the students any time for their knowledge.

So all those who has been looking for an opportunity to change their career path and grab CCNA as their main line for re-defining their career then TCIL-IT Chandigarh is your one stop solution. Just visit us once or call us to know more details.

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