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Oracle Training

Nowadays, E-commerce becomes a major part of our society and all e-commerce websites are supported by their strong database. With the increased demands of online shopping, it eventually demands for the database professionals to manage all the information provided by their clients and users in a proper manner. A database can help us store all the data automatically and whenever we require any particular information, we can get it anytime from the database.

Scope of Oracle in IT Industry
Every ecommerce website is developed supported by a database. And without oracle no one can run a software, no one can run a website. As a result of this, at present times, there is huge scope for oracle professionals to stabilize their career in the IT industry. In the coming time, it will only go forward with some new enhancements by the IT industry.

Oracle Certification at TCIL-IT Chandigarh
Considering the demands in the IT industry and the need of jobs for the candidates, TCIL-IT Chandigarh offers a platform where one can learn the basics of the world’s number one software company – Oracle. It is utilized and very popular for high end work stations. Oracle actually provides security to the confidential details of the company.

At TCIL-IT you will get proper training practically or theoretically from the Oracle experts of IT industry which the thing that you will not get anywhere else and you will be easily able to harness the potential or oracle DBMS. After proper training session period, the students would have to appear for the online oracle tests and after clearing that test, one will get certification from Oracle as well. The candidates can also have a certification in Oracle from our institute also.

TCIL-IT – Best Place to Learn Oracle
You will gain benefit from our experienced faculty’s teaching ability and their rich experience. Our faculty is certified with Oracle programs. Just check out TCIL-IT Chandigarh and learn more about our Oracle Training programs which are especially meant to shape your career.

Project Based ORACLE 9i/10g Training in Chandigarh

ORACLE 9i/10g– Introduction to Oracle: SQL, Fundamentals I & II, Performing Tunning.

Database Administrator (DBA Track)

  • Relational and object relational database concepts
  • Retrieve, insert, update, and delete data
  • Use the Single row and Group functions
  • Multicolumn Sub-queries, FROM clause of a SELECT statement
  • Use the iSQL*Plus environment
  • Write scripts to generate script files
  • Generate reports using iSQL*Plus
  • Create and maintain database objects
  • Control transactions
  • Control data/user access
  • Use the Oracle9i Single row functions
  • Use GROUPING SETS and the WITH clause
  • Use the Oracle9i extensions to DML and DDL statements
  • Apply techniques in real life simulation

Module 2: Oracle9i Database Administration: Fundamentals

  • Manage table-spaces, segments, extents, and blocks
  • Manage users, privileges, and resources
  • Create an operational database
  • Start up and shut down an Oracle instance and database
  • Manage Oracle database files
  • Use Globalization Support features

Module 3: Oracle9i Database Administration: Fundamentals II

  • Define networking requirements and the solutions provided by Oracle
  • Perform database and datafile backups with and without Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Configure the network environment for an Oracle client-server system
  • List the different Oracle backup methods and recovery operations
  • Describe the database utilities (Export and Import) and the situations where they can be used
  • Develop network configuration and recovery techniques through various workshop scenarios
  • List the Oracle architecture components related to backup and recovery operations

Module 4: Oracle9i Database Administration: Performance Tuning

  • Design and configure an Oracle database with an emphasis on good performance
  • Perform day-to-day monitoring on an operational database
  • Learn important steps in a tuning methodology
  • Employ Oracle tools to diagnose performance problems
  • Perform tuning tasks with Oracle Enterprise Manager and with the command line interface
  • Reconfigure file structures for performance
  • Identify and resolve I/O, data storage and database configuration problems
  • Optimize sort operations
  • Configure Oracle Shared Server
  • Configure Resource Manager to control resource usage


  • Oracle Database 10g: Administration I
  • Install Oracle Database 10g and configure a database
  • Manage the Oracle instance
  • Manage the Database storage structures
  • Create and administer user accounts
  • Perform backup and recovery of a database
  • Configure Oracle Net services
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain a database
  • Configure Oracle Net services
  • Move data between databases and files

Oracle Database 10g: Administration II

  • Use RMAN to create and manage backup sets and image copies
  • Recover the database to a previous point in time
  • Use Oracle Secure Backup to backup and recover a database
  • Use Oracle’s Flashback technology to recover your database
  • Detect block corruptions and take appropriate measures to correct them
  • Use the various Database advisors and views to monitor
  • Control database resource usage with the Resource Manager
  • Simplify management tasks by using the Scheduler
  • Review database log files for diagnostic purposes
  • Customize language-dependent behavior for the database
  • Implement a secure database
  • Transport data across platforms

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