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Telecom Training

Telecom – Hot Topic for Fresher
For a promising career, telecom is one of the hot topics of discussions in the youth. Wireless engineering is most popular nowadays. Radar and Radio communications are the two popular types of wireless technologies at present times. While considering the telecom industry, there is lack of professionals in this field and this technology is rapidly increasing day by day which requires professional manpower to handle each and every aspect everywhere.

Telecom Training At TCIL-IT Chandigarh
You can approach TCIL-IT Chandigarh for the best telecom training in Chandigarh. Our main motive is to provide the candidates that much knowledge about the tools and techniques which are in demands in the telecom industry. Candidate can get a job after having training in telecom as well as a promising handsome pay.

Scope of Telecom Training
A candidate will be prepared for all the impeccable job opportunities in the telecom industry. Get high quality telecom training in Chandigarh and be familiar with the networking fundamentals, datacom, telecom, Buzzwords, Jargons etc and see how they help you in growing your career line.
Become a professional in the telecom engineering with the support of our experienced and skilled faculty members. Find clarity on lessons with interactive sessions, learn according to your satisfaction and indulge yourself in the practical sessions and after having trainings, observe a difference in your knowledge.

So don’t waste your time, if you have interest towards telecom industry, just approach for quality training sessions which take your career level to distinguished peak.

Project Based Telecom Training in Chandigarh

Telecom Training-CDMA, GSM, 2G, 3G, Exchange, DTH, WIMAX, Wi-Fi, VOIP and IP.

Course Content

  • Fundamental of Telecom Technology
  • Basic Electronics for Telecom Technology
  • Principles of Networking and Digital Telecom
  • Broadband Communiction Network
  • Network Switching and Transmission
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Hardware and Functional Description of BSS
  • Radio Frequency(RF) Planing Optimization
  • Wirless Communication System
  • New Generation Network
  • Geographical Information System
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • 3G Enabled Mobile Networks
  • Voice over IP
  • Market and sevice.
  • Wirless Security: GSM AND 3G
  • Beyond 3G: LTE, WIMAx,IMS,4G,Devices and Mobile Web
  • Artificial Intelligence and remote communication
  • Billing and Customer Care
  • Telecommunication regulations

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